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The young mother on the bus seat man said slapping not slap is l

In 2012 08 Oct 28 07:23 public network micro-blog Wang Xiaoliang I want to comment ( 0) size : the woman playing small moment ( video screenshot) the woman with children on video screenshot sitting sick and elderly pregnancy ,not to the VIP passengers seat ,doudoune moncler,and even inside play times remind completely indifferent .
,this month 23 days ,took place in Hangzhou, not seat boy had been slapped event has become the recent focus of media attention, and in the evening of 26,air jordan, around 8:00, the provincial capital of 115 buses on a young man didn give me a woman with a child seat, and took the woman a slap in the face .
Boy was shot after claiming ,air jordan pas cher, his is because drinking did not give the person to allow the seat . Writer / journalist Wang Xiaodi photographer / reporter Wang Xiaofeng tone by at least three times the car without a man got up and offered his seat yesterday afternoon, reporters came to the Provincial Youth Road near the bus 115 originating station after the events .
26 evening ,moncler,pilot Yang Jian driving the 115 bus routes travelling to the Qianfo Hill site ,a young mother with the daughter got around the age of .Because at that time the car more people, has no empty seat ,the mother and daughter after boarding, standing close to the door of the sick and elderly pregnancy box .
Reporters in Ji public transportation company two seven team vice-captain Wang Xuepeng security footage found ,the young mother of 30 years old, one hand beside the back door armrest ,one hand holding his daughter .
Because the process of vehicles staggered ,so the little girl stood instability but also with cars constantly shaking body . mother and daughter to get on the bus, I immediately press the seat of the voice prompt .
Driver Yang Jian said .Later, Yang Jian from the rearview mirror to see no one seat and presses the car inner voice prompt . I remember I by at least three times the prompt ,and the car is still no seat, this guy is still seated on the head ,looked like in bed .
Yang Jian says .Sit box guy seat after being yelled at and a slap in the face from the monitor can be seen, standing next to a young mother from time to time with the eyes of the calm ,like to ask him what ,when the vehicle reaches the mountain road site, the woman finally could not resist .
Woman : ,you all right ? Boy: s okay . Woman : you all right why do not seat ,child standing beside you several times, the station unstable almost fall down ,you don know you ?Voice ( voice ) so not to hear ? The woman more gas ,angry to slap the boy a slap in the face .
Boy: why did you slap me ? Woman : I is you ,which you are light ,I this is for your mother to your door . Boy: I drink . Woman : I just asked you okay ,you say nothing .
Boy: I was in Ji for so long ,go to school in Ji for two years,moncler, every time the bus seat, today because of drinking .You have never seen such . Woman : you see . With this, women with children under the car .
The driver said really smell man for man to drink alcohol because no seat, driver Yang Jian confirmed to reporters ,ralph lauren,he smelled alcohol on him .After the event,polo ralph lauren, Yang ship quickly pull handbrake played four will the car parked on the roadside , I asked ,and stand between them, to prevent further excesses so that passengers injured .
I past the smell that guy who have alcohol ,the woman is constantly rebuked him, but the man didn ,and later a take them off . Bus driver: three times the tone no seat is verbally reminded Feng Gong of the dialogue has mentioned ,the car sick and elderly pregnancy box sometimes sit some young guys .
For this statement has many drivers recognized . I found someone on the bus are mostly middle-aged males and females ,burberry soldes,relatively less active seat . The provincial capital of 36 bus drivers king &#29605 said .
According to the tone that remind seat, King &#29605 ;said , passengers we see that special ,the obvious need to seat people we will take the initiative to press the hint button . 41 bus drivers as Chong said , I found on the car ,general tips - to broadcast three times ,were passengers on the stand ,the passengers when the vehicle is started ,the midway .
General broadcast three times no one seat we just choose the verbal reminding passengers seat . Sociologist :compliance with the code of ethics by self-discipline and non-violent Shandong University sociology professor Wang Zhongwu expresses to our newspaper reporter yesterday , first of all ,if the guy is the body not uncomfortable, do not seat should behave in morally criticized by public opinion ,to criticize him ,even if he is wrong ,the woman should not hit .
But because of his drinking can seat,moncler sito ufficiale, should be understood .Because the code of ethics is to advocate ,rely on self-discipline ,relies on public opinion instead of violence ,no seat is not illegal ,but if the person that is lawless ,even infringed upon the other rights .
The lawyer advised :can say their inconvenience for the boy don slap a seat ,Shandong law policy law firm Yin Qingqian lawyers said, his is a moral obligation ,no legal provisions ,the woman if the guy shot may be arrested for the crime .
Lawyer Yin Qingqian thinks ,we should advocate the seat such behavior ,burberry,but if do not seat phenomenon ,if the seat side itself does not convenient ,can take the initiative to their own inconvenience to say ,louboutin,to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding ,and suggest the need to seat passengers to seek the help of others .
The Citizens Advice :driver tips should also limit citizen small Liu often takes the bus to work, the bus through a lot of small ,so the car old people on the bus a lot ,every time I see young people are active seat ,but sometimes find the car sitting are elderly ,standing is young ,but later on in the elderly without a seat, the driver will not stop to remind the seat of the sound, but the seat was older, how a seat ? Public Wang too ,he said ,louboutin pas cher, I think over and over again tone is a kind of invisible pressure of public opinion, not stop to the pressure from the same seat ,seat if be heard so many times that music has no one seat, then they will be very angry, goes sharpened on both sides of the contradiction .
Therefore ,polo ralph lauren,I suggest that the bus driver by sound best limited ,or increase the prompt volume ,or specialized in sick and elderly pregnancy box next to Ann horn ,so long as you know someone that is in need of a seat can be .
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At present, the local civil affairs departments have put Lai Quanli and He Nuoying in the special care of objects, hoping that the old God of longevity more health and longevity.Recently, the reporter is located in high mountains and lofty hills into the depths of the small mountain village, visited the two old men.

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Girl swimming by return pipe suck drowning into vegetative award

In 2012 08 OCT 10 02:03 Jinyang nets [micro-blog] yellow Joan I want to comment (0) size: T|T 3 men water save sucked girl simulation diagram.Drawing / Chen 沵 橦 3 adults also failed to pull out, caused the drowning in a vegetative state, the court sentenced the party lost 950000 yuan of new express reporter Huang Qiong correspondent Xu Feng girl summer swimming, did not expect his jumping down, but was carried out.
.....Swimming pool in the pumping cycle filtration is normal business,moncler, only 10 years old little Ling was underwater pipe reinforced suction,doudoune moncler, 3 adults have failed to be pulled out, eventually, young Xiaoling due to hypoxia in a vegetative state.
Recently, the Guangzhou Panyu District court thinks via cognizance, swimming pool operators do not have the operating conditions and illegal unlicensed, constitute infringement liable for all damages responsibility, ultimately determine the compensation for medical expenses,air jordan pas cher, the compensation for disability,louboutin pas cher, mental injury solatium total more than 95 yuan.
Pulled tendon can't pull out in August 21, 2010 18 when the left and right sides, only 10 years old girls Xiaoling,polo ralph lauren, accompanied by their mothers in Panyu District Hualong Town cottage village, a swimming pool, and a brother, cousin and others swimming together, their mother on the shore.
Two hours later, the children are deep pool (1.9 meters deep) drifted, suddenly Xiaoling's right foot was located at the bottom of the pool,burberry, the water return pipe. (at that time the pool shape are pumping circulation filtration), to pull out.
His mother found not to see Xiao Ling, and saw the water bubble bursts out, just know small Ling in the bottom.At the same time, Xiao Ling cousin diving to La real,ralph lauren, immediately called out for help.Then, two lifeguards discovered also dived into the pool to take emergency measures,moncler sito ufficiale, but because the water return pipe suction is too big, failed in the first time to rescue a small ling.
Next to a resort employee million Mou also ran to help save lives, but still not move.Emergency, a million ran off shore pump circulating water pump, lifeguards will Xiaoling rescued.After the rescue, the lifeguard at the edge of the pool to the unconscious Xiaoling carrying pressurized water and artificial respiration, and the injuries of the foot to do simple hemostatic measures.
But this time, Xiao Ling right foot tendon has been broken by drowning, long time, eventually causing fainting.After the hospital treatment after diagnosis, still awake.Finally, by the Zhongshan University Center for identification of forensic identification: Xiao Ling is a drowning induced by hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, persistent vegetative state with a disability level, traffic accident.
Old and new owners compensation of nearly 1 million afterwards, Panyu District Hualong Town government organize experts to make the investigation conclusion report, think the swimming venue operators do not have the operating conditions,louboutin, undocumented illegal,moncler, swimming facilities and security measures are not perfect, the staff undocumented appointment, the lack of effective safety management system and emergency rescue measures, thus causing safety liability accident.
Panyu court thinks via cognizance, swimming pool operators not within a reasonable scope of the security obligation, cause others to suffer physical damage, tort.Their behavior has fault, shall be liable for all damages liability.
Because the swimming pool is not independent for the relevant certificates, the original owners Hwang is the swimming pool owners,air jordan, and yellow will not meet the operating conditions,ralph lauren, the potential safety hazard of the swimming pool is transferred to the defendant, a business,burberry soldes, a total loss of small Ling shall bear joint and several liability.
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At present, the local civil affairs departments have put Lai Quanli and He Nuoying in the special care of objects, hoping that the old God of longevity more health and longevity.Recently, the reporter is located in high mountains and lofty hills into the depths of the small mountain village, visited the two old men.

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In Nanjing zoo on if you are the one park to levy 12 cars weddin

In 2011 04 OCT 04 08:57 Xinhua - Yangtze Evening Paper Ma Haiyan, I want to review (0 ) size : to Le Shen scarlet woman .Visitors can also from the big screen to see two candidates of scarlet woman VCR .
Fan Xiaolin was a scarlet Le Shen yesterday heartbeat girls don scarlet sister loves scarlet sister tomorrow afternoon ,polo ralph lauren,identify and who Wang Juan Nanjing Hongshan zoo name scarlet left male Le Shen finally have blind chance .
Yesterday, the Hongshan zoo orangutan edition if you are the one staged :male guests Le Shen graceful bearing ,female guest ,one is a 10 year old ape girl ,lively personality naughty ;No.
two is a 15 year old scarlet sister ,doudoune moncler,prudent generous ,very will take care of others . If you are the one gorilla hall staged today to give you a male guests ,the brother reputation .
Familiar with the sound of music ,Meng Fei walked on stage .The male guests have much cattle ?Meng Fei said , if you are the one on the line to the audience ,the whole nation has sixteen seventy thousand ,only the he with a phone will be able to queue .
Such cattle guests who ?The back of the big screen making photo &#8212 ;&#8212 ;that is ,we see large .Last June, Jiangsu satellite TV popular column if you are the one specially for Le Shen to the global marriage .
Now ,the marriage fall into place ,and there are two girls can make Shen music selection .Therefore ,the Hongshan zoo specifically for it to do a blind date .And if you are the one ,ralph lauren,scarlet edition dating also has three steps, the first step is to play VCR ,a large screen LCD TV hanging in the Le Shen house opposite, but in a small holiday 3 days will be broadcast repeatedly ,make Shen music to be familiar with the two woman guest ;second part is used to enlarge the photos to le Shen a close-up look at ;third links ,until the afternoon of April 5th ,two large photo in the Le Shen house ,look at it and who hand in hand .
Know the name scarlet Le Shen to choose the bride ,yesterday, a lot of people specially came to cheer .The site also erected a voting card ,there are two scarlet woman and a large photo ,if people like who, just below a small decal .
From the applique numbers, apparently more people prefer a Green Gables ,because the young and beautiful .However ,burberry,Shen music have their own preferences,burberry soldes, a number of large photo in front of it,air jordan, Le Shen was turned away ,not a bit interested .
When the staff to two large pictures in one fell swoop ,Le Shen responses changed .Pidianpidian ran over, clutching the iron gate, excitedly stood up ,stretched out hand also wants to catch the big picture .
Does Le Shen heartbeat girls is number two ?Personnel tests,moncler, found a saw a number of photos ,music and would have no interest at all away ;a change into two ,its expression of excitement ,and his eyes focus .
Le Shen was abandoned by his mother ,is a large .Perhaps for that reason ,moncler sito ufficiale,let it have Oedipus complex ?The heart is more partial looks mature sister ? You guess .Veronica phase is scarlet sister Le Shen side, Tai Zi lived mother .
Although Tai Zi is an irresponsible mother ,was reluctant to take Le Shen ,abandoned it .But the son ,or to tell it .The staff took two big photo to Tai Zi outside ,away from the glass to read it .
Woman taste is different and the son ,it is more like a number .At that time also climbed aloft to play ,polo ralph lauren,see a picture ,louboutin pas cher,it swings down ,with interest to looked at the photo ;in two, it was not very happy .
This may be how to do ?The son picked her daughter-in-law not satisfied ,ralph lauren,married into the door ,air jordan pas cher,then the relationship between mother-in-law looks very nervous .However ,the zoo said ,exactly who to choose, still see Shen music .
After all, they both have a lifetime .But also do not need to live with the mother-in-law of a block .Garden party to collect 12 car to greet her of course ,Le Shen side chosen ,but also to see the scarlet woman attitude .
Until now ,we can see the scarlet woman photographs ,other information know nothing at all ,this is mainly because the garden party tight-lipped , to let the cat out of the bag .Because the orang-utan amount is too little ,school-age female gorilla is less ,a lot of zoo wants to bride .
Therefore ,detailed data temporarily, afraid of up to .To complete the formalities ,immediately to the wedding . We want to put the wedding was lively ,louboutin, garden party responsible person said ,it is also intended to face a society to collect organize a wedding motorcade ,together go forward with great strength and vigour to meet the bride .
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At present, the local civil affairs departments have put Lai Quanli and He Nuoying in the special care of objects, hoping that the old God of longevity more health and longevity.Recently, the reporter is located in high mountains and lofty hills into the depths of the small mountain village, visited the two old men.

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In 2012 04 Oct 26 15:24 xinhuanet.com talk to me (0) size: T|T British youth Lewis to the mayor of London's head tattooed on her lap.In new network on 26 April, according to foreign media reports, 19, British youth Lewis saw on television the mayor of London, worship, and then on the thigh tattoo on the mayor's avatar.

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In 2012 04 Oct 26 15:24 xinhuanet.com talk to me (0) size: T|T British youth Lewis to the mayor of London's head tattooed on her lap.In new network on 26 April, according to foreign media reports, 19, British youth Lewis saw on television the mayor of London, worship, and then on the thigh tattoo on the mayor's avatar.

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